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Over View, because yeah overviews are shibby [Dec. 18th, 2005|02:00 pm]
Reason 345



Welcome to Reason Number 345 where all your wildest dreams can come true!

 wait no that’s fantasy island... sorry about that.

Okay really I’ll be serious now... well as serious as a 16 year old girl with mad amounts of ADD can be. Reason is a webzine for those of you who didn’t come to that conclusion already, I’m one of those people who buys a lot of CD’s and i know there is nothing worse then having a cd be hyped up for months before it's release only to have make my ears bleed when i finally get to hear it.

 That’s where Reason comes in. Ill spend my hard earned cash ( see the money i get from shoveling horse shit, no lie that’s my job) on one new release and on so called ' classic' at least every other week (depending on if i can get a ride to the music store, my parents don't let me drive due to the fact that I’m a over protected only child) My friend Johanna will also help me out with this.

 So yeah, I'll also have random posts about concerts i go to and bands i find on purevolume that rock my converse off. For the most part this is me getting to pretend I’m important and do something besides being bored out of my mind counting ceiling tiles.


~rating key~

  Here are the words i'll use to describe stuff, for those of you who don't speake MES-esse


Shibby- kind of like cool only cooler, also can be used in place of the word very.

Wonky- Opposite of shibby, can also be used in the place of very when it's in a negative conotation

Emo- whinny stuff about suicide and being depressed going to go and slash your wrists. You know that fun stuff.

Screamo- kind of like emo only with screaming ( therefore  it's worse) i can only handle it in small doses, very small doses, with earplugs.

Pop Punk- sugar coated goodness. bouncy fast guitar riffs and rot your teeth out lead singers that all vaguely sound alike.

Ska- has the same effect on your brain as pop punk, only with bras instruments and checkered patterned everything.

Scenester- normally used in conjunction with the word damn ( ie- damn scenester boys) see hair in eyes, girls pants, eyeliner, listen to whatever the cool non conforming band of the second ( see the lyrics of EMO KID by Andy and Adam ' I’m an emo kid non conforming as can be you'd b non conforming too if you looked just like me"), obsessed with the scene like it's a tangible object, normally break your heart hot ( shit did i really just type that? nope i didn't so there) can also be used to describe gils but here it will always mean guys, because it's my damn webzine so there.

 Indie- the most little known bands you can find, the most indie band does not exists it is so indie because no one knows about it. indie cred is insanely hard to really get my head around. I'm not really a fan of the indie train of thought that if a band is mainstream it's no longer good but lots of people are and yeah that makes me sad. But yeah most bands that call themselves indie are alright, most noteably the flaming lips.

Hawt damn- very good, MES see's and she LIKES

 MES~ That would be your'se trully, 16 year old girl, red hair thats shorter then most guys, music= life.  around halloween i'll post som pics, so then you'd be prepared for the scaryness that is me in the flesh.