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Day At The fair- the rocking chair years [Dec. 18th, 2005|07:25 pm]
Reason 345


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[Current Music |Who you gunna belive...- DATF]

Okay i bough this cd two days after it came out and lets put it this way, I’ve listened to it so much it's literally cracking down the side. Mainly because of the amount of times I’ve dropped my cd player while this was in it. In other words i love it and need to go buy a second copy.

 Anyway as for Cd it's self it's a story in reverse ( guess how long it took me to work that out and get a cookie)  about a classic, boy meets girl, they break up, boy leaves his crappy town, girl kills herself, boy gets pissed, boy goes to funeral gets sad, moves on. yeah umm okay not that classic of a story but it's really a bitter sweet cd.

~The best tracks~

 Number 4- Who You Gunna Believe Me Or Your Lying Eyes it's full of pissed off-ness and just basically saying you know what bitch go to hell, without actually saying that

Number 6- Western Hearts Eastern Homes you can see the video either on their web site or their myspace, links at the bottom of this entry

Number 8- The Blame Anxiety- one of the best lines in the entire cd "i feel claustrophobic thinking/that my skin is a prison in itself/ ya wanna share my cell?"

Number 9- The Lost And Lucky first thing to make me cry in ages

Number 10- ERASING WILKS a great song about how small towns suck and you need to get out and burn them down before they kill you. the Pyro in me loves the chorus

Number 11- Remembering Britt very fun to sing in the stairwells of my school, which echo like hell. Also just a good I miss you song, I think I played it twice a day for a week after one of my friends decided not to be my friend any more.

Number 12- Darkness Washed Over The Dude- first off the title in itself kicks ass, secondly I love the bass line because things like that can make or break a song for me. Also the chorus is shibby as all hell…


Basically the whole cd is rock solid, some of the songs could come of as emo- esque  but it manages to bypass that with rock/ pop punk goodness. It’s an awesome sequel to their other album the prelude ( you can still  snag yourself a copy off interpunk if you really want to. I personally bought two ,one for myself and one for Johanna)

You can get more info on DATF and their other songs/ endeavors (( oo big word)) at any of the following sites





This Cd and band totally earns my seel of approval (yes it's corny it's totally supossed to be)


[User Picture]From: suicidalsun
2005-12-19 04:31 pm (UTC)
Just something to add to that review, I consider a lot of the songs on the CD summer-y-ish. But they're fun any time of year too! XP yeah kay not that makes any sense. But it does to me so just go with it. &heart;
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